Experienced Owners

Veteran to the Sport “Aged Race horses”

Whether you are an active standardbred owner, returning to the sport, or a harness racing fan and enthusiast we welcome you to join the O’Sullivan Racing Team! Of course, as in any business there will be questions. We welcome your questions and inquires as to how Tony develops and conditions his horses and expenses. We welcome you to become involved in our Fractional Ownership Program, this is a great way for existing owners to stay involved and help get potential new owners in the game.

Fractional Ownership FAQ

How does it work?

Fractional Ownership allows for the opportunity to own a portion of a racehorse with reduced risk to the investor/owner, while still enjoying the excitement and thrills of owning a racehorse.

How much does it cost?

This will vary depending on each individual. First you must establish an amount you are comfortable with for your initial investment – this will help us establish price range and percentage.

Are there any thresholds in regards to the percentage I can purchase of a horse?

Yes – at O’Sullivan Racing we have a minimum 5% ownership threshold

Will there be additional costs other than my initial investment?

Yes there will be. Below are the costs that will be associated with ownership.

  1. Monthly Training Fee: The flat rate training fee for a yearlings is 2500.00/month plus HST. (Cost will differ once the horse is racing)Example: you own 15% of the horse – your monthly training bill will be $423.75
  2. Stake Payments: Owners of responsible for their share of the stake payments. {What are stake payments for? Stakes Race: A race where owners make a series of payments, starting well in advance, to keep a horse eligible. If an owner misses a payment, the horse is ineligible.} Example: Ontario Sire Stake Payment = 500.00; you own 15% of the horse. You are responsible for $75.00
  3. Veterinarian: No elective surgery or medical care outside of the day to day operations will be covered under the flat rate. These medical bills will be paid by the owners reflecting their percentages. Before any decisions are made regarding major veterinarian work – the owners will be consulted in a timely fashion to discuss options.
  4. Licensing: All investors/owners must be licensed with Standardbred Canada, Ontario Racing Commission or Reciprocal Jurisdiction License. Your horse cannot race unless you are licensed.
Will I know who the other partners are on my horse?

Absolutely! We will keep track of the owners on each horse as will Standardbred Canada. And hopefully you will meet your fellow partners while out watching your horse train.

Can I come to watch my horse train?

Of course! You are always welcome to come out to the barn to watch your horse and feed him carrots!

What happens if my horse breaks down? Do I get my investment back?

Hopefully this will not happen – however there are no guarantees. Unfortunately you do not get your money back, in the event that horse needs time to recover from an injury or soreness, the horse would be given the time required to recover at my home farm. This cost would be minimal. After the required break, the horse would resume training. There are insurance options available to owners to protect your investment.

Who is the final decision maker regarding my horse?

All decisions regarding the horse will be discussed within the partnership group and decided upon democratically; ultimately after hearing direction from the trainer as to the options and what would be best for the horse.

When will my horse race?

This will depend on whether you have purchased a share in a yearling or a racehorse. A yearling is generally purchased from one of the major yearling sales that take place during the fall months (September to November). A yearling is trained for the winter/spring months and usually are ready to race the end of June. If you have purchased a share in a racehorse, you will likely be at the races within the first 2 weeks!